Bread Biryani Recipe


Biryani is an elaborate dish that involves preparations well in advance, long periods of marination and a lot of cutting, chopping and deep frying. It is everyone's favourite when it comes to dinner or lunch with your friends and family. However, this biryani recipe is a welcome variation which is made using bread slices and basmati rice. A melange of spices like gasa gasa, curry leaves and cloves, this main dish recipe would be loved by all. You can try this main dish as a lunch/dinner recipe on potluck and kitty parties. This recipe is so easy that you can also make it in the morning and carry it to work. You just need to pair it up with an interesting raita and your complete meal is ready! Kids love this delightful preparation so they will never say no to it if you pack it in their lunch boxes! On occasions when you have sudden, uninvited guests coming over or on days you are feeling too lazy to cook, this Bread Biryani should be your go-to meal. Try out this quick and easy recipe!


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