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LAST UPDATED - May 11, 2017


Our next meeting:

Business Meeting

Date:  Tuesday July 18, 2017

Time:  To be determined

**Public Comment:  To be determined



To be determined


Call-in details:

To be determined


To be available early July:

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda (Text)

Open Meetings Notice

Open Meetings Notice (Text)

Meeting Documents



**The time dedicated for public comment is flexible so that all persons present in-person or on the phone will be provided with the opportunity to make comment and the Chair will adjust the time schedule of the agenda as needed.

To request reasonable accommodations to attend this meeting, please contact the MCRS Office 24 hours prior to the meeting at council@mcrs13.org517.483.2826 or toll free at 844.780.2193.

Click here for meeting dates/times for the remainder of FY 2017.

CLICK HERE for draft/final MCRS Business Meeting Minutes.

CLICK HERE for FINAL MCRS Strategic Plan for FY 2016-2017.

CLICK HERE for the amended FINAL MCRS Bylaws as approved at the November 2016 Business Meeting.

CLICK HERE for MCRS final versions of Attachment 4.2(c) for the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) and Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) for the FY 2017-2020 Unified State Plan.

Executive Orders:

The MCRS was created under Executive Order (EO) (2012-10) in 2012.

Employment First in Michigan - click here for Executive Order 2015-15 (click here for Word version).  November 18, 2015 - MCRS named as state rehabilitation council to have oversight of implementation of Employment First in Michigan.


QUESTIONS?  Any questions about the MCRS may be directed to: .